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RECENT NEWS: The author is grateful to Dan Navarro, who co-authored with Eric Lowen the Grammy nominated "We Belong" for his support of the use of its lyrics in PHOENIX RISING.

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A Bold New Play about the darker sides of love, sex,  family.  And secrets.

RECENT NEWS: Living Lotus Project is thrilled to partner with Test400k and Julie Smolyansky!  Test400k is dedicated to empowering healthy and safe communities by ending violence against women and children. Our mission is to promote the systems change and resources needed to eliminate the immediate backlog of 400,000 untested rape kits across our nation – and the risk of future backlogs -- in order to ensure justice for sexual assault victims and to facilitate the swift identification and removal of dangerous sexual predators from our communities. 

$5 of each ticket purchase will be donated to Test400k to end the backlog of untested rape kits.


Written and Directed by Laura Gosheff


Living Lotus Project is proud to bring PHOENIX RISING to the stage in association with
The Telling Company (TTC), a not-for-profit organization committed to artistically “telling” stories inspired by real-life experiences that illuminate personal challenges and galvanize social change.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Neiden

THANK YOU!!! to Lady Gaga for her inspiration; to Kanye West for donating his Yeezy kicks and Season 3 Life of Pablo shirts and jackets from his Yeezy line; to Michelle Viera, who lent us a pair of her Sad Khloe ‘Swim with Me’ jeans; to Mallory Merk, Youth Abassador for PHOENIX RISING, and to all of our actors and models who were enthusiastic volunteers, bringing their professional experience from Yeezy and Nylon Magazine  to the set!  

Lighting Design
​Seth Reiser

The Lion Theatre, 410 W 42nd Street, New York, NY

​Javier Baca

Designed and produced by Living Lotus Project, A Day in Her Shoes was created to promote the play,

New videos will be released 2x a week ​over the next 6 weeks - check back often! 


Set Design
​Sheryl Liu
Sound Design
Julian Evans



******NEW RELEASE JUNE 10, 2016****** 

Costume Design
Angela Harner
Stage Management
​Derek Bado

RECENT NEWS: The author is grateful to Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo for their support of the use of their hit song, “We Belong” in PHOENIX RISING.

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June 24 - July 16

Music Design
Lena Gabrielle

"A Day in Her Shoes" Video Series Campaign

Theater Review: ‘Phoenix Rising Girls and the Secrets We Keep’ is Gold

June 28, 2016
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By Alexa Christina Politis

Phoenix Rising Girls and the Secrets We Keep (Written and directed by Laura Gosheff), is a whimsical and provocative production that demonstrates the deepest of fears, often overlooked, within the souls of different struggling females (the complex and ever-prevalent issues explored in this fine work include: sexuality, self-worth out of a broken home, sex and love, fear) and their ride to perseverance.  

The play is led by Gosheff’s fierce cast; Kristen Vaughan (Three-time New York Innovative Theatre Awards nominee for Lead Actress), Julia Peterson (NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Drama Graduate), Rachel Haas (New School for Drama in BFA program for Dramatic Arts),  Miranda Roldan (Graduate of Hackworth School of Performing Arts), Nicholette Shorts (2-Year Cabaret Dissect), and Whitney Biancur (NYC based actress & vocalist, MidSummer Night’s Dream with Gallery Players, trained with the British American Drama Academy).

All of the girls, (one living with a schizophrenic mother, one with a sexually abusive father, one with a heroine addiction, and the other, a goody-two shoed closeted lesbian living in a physically abusive African tribe) spend one whole year in the Counselor’s Room in 1985 (The Counselor, Grace, is played by Kristen Vaughan).  Each of the girls battle each other up to their final reveal of their journeys to the counselor. The sequence of story-telling for each of the girls was unique and thrilling; the language spoken equaled explicit metaphors hidden within stunning poetry (which rang pleasantly in the audience members’ ears) while the other cast members (upstage of the girl story-teller) created floating visuals, physically morphed into dragons and ax swung toward the center story-teller. Audience members will leave Phoenix Rising with heightened awareness of oneself as well as a deeper compassion for the phoenixes that struggle to rise in us all.  This play is pure gold.

The Phoenix Rising Girls and the Secrets We Keep playing at The Lion Theatre  410 West 42nd Street, NYC. This play is proudly presented in association with and Julie Smolyanksy.

Walk A Day in Her Shoes as she has to decide whether to confront the aggression and risk escalating the danger, or shrug it off as "normal."  A Day in Her Shoes invites you, the viewer, to examine rape culture with the hope of raising awareness, starting the discussion, and inspiring empathy and advocacy to create a better tomorrow. 

Be part of the solution.

Production Director
Josh Sherer

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